We using Dates as natural sugar. We don’t use white and refined sugars in our

We don’t use any chemicals and preservatives in our products. So that we have less
shelf life for our products. Our products are Natural, Plant based, Organic and vegan.

No it wont. We have done research to remove the spirulina taste and smell from our
product. So you don’t feel spirulina taste and smell in our products.

Our product is for everyone. Its not only for gym goers. India is facing high
malnutrition issue and low immunity. So our products will help everyone to get high
immunity and enough nutrients like protein, vitamin, minerals. Our products is for everyone
like Working women, Mothers, Working men, Growing kids, aging mothers and dads.

we have More than 15% protein in our bars. that’s about 25% of your daily
recommended intake. We use spirulina as main protein source. Which is organic and plant
based. Spirulina not only gives protein, It also gives 12 vitamins, 8 minerals, high
antioxidant, Immunity booster.

You can take daily morning 5 gram to 7.5 gram of sweet spirulina powder in 200ml of
water or juice or smoothie. Daily afternoon or evening time you can take 1 bar which will
give enough calories, protein , vitamins, minerals, etc to your body needed for all day long.
It will make you to stay away from unhealthy snacks.

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