With a goal to eradicate malnutrition from world.
The company was founded in January 2017 by a young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Aakas Sadasivam and a visionary person Mr. Mika Rautio who brought together their passion for creating better food security for future generations. The journey so far has been inspiring with its fair share of learning curves. Today they are working towards creating a scalable solution to feed an untapped global market.

Better food

We want our future generations to enjoy food the way nature intended. Nutritious, clean, and abundantly available.


The goal is to create food security without compromising the environment. Our sustainable model will help create clean and healthy snacks!

Food equality

No one should suffer from hunger, and it is our dream to empower the fight against malnutrition.


The company’s name is self-defining, where Pro has been used for Protein-rich, and the remaining letters stand for the usage of algae. Spirulina has already become a significant source of high consumption nutrients in European and the USA markets. In India, it is still in its growing phase. That provides a fertile ground for the company to offer affordable products to a large and untapped amount of people worldwide.

We have best quality Spirulina. Because of our Research and Quality control team we got EU organic certified Spirulina with high nutrition value. It is naturally dried under sun so the texture and colour of our spirulina is best.

We have best R+D team, who do research on developing our Spirulina and making it high quality standard. Our Research team will be doing backend Research work daily to find new products and do some innovation in Food and beverages.

We start with sun dried spirulina Nibs and Powder. Now we did some innovation and launched few Healthy food products with spirulina as main ingredients like Spirulina protein bars, Sweet spirulina powder. We have many F&B products in pipeline for upcoming launches.

Enriched Spirulina+

Spirulina is a superfood that can produce enzymes and antioxidants vital for the human body.

Our Enriched spirulina can help combat viral attacks, hepatotoxicity, anemia, and cardiovascular diseases.

We test the limits of creativity every single day to meet demands

Aakas Sadasivam

Founder & CEO
B.E ( Aeronautical )

Mika Rautio

Director, Advisor, Partner
MSc (Econ), BSc (Eng)

Anni Elsa Katariina

Sales Manager ( Europe )
M.Sc. Student in Economics & Business Administration

Anne Marita

MBA ( Econ )

Arumugam K

QC, R+D Head
M.Sc., Microbiology

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